Donald Trump calls $10,000 a day fine unfair

Sylvie Claire / May 3, 2022

Former U.S. President Donald Trump called the $10,000-a-day penalty imposed on him last week unfair. The judge imposed the penalty because of the billionaire’s alleged refusal to answer a subpoena.
The former White House occupant was ordered by a New York judge on Monday to pay $10,000 a day as long as he refuses to provide accounting and tax documents as part of a civil investigation into his group. Trump has already appealed the ruling, but announced Monday that he has turned over millions and millions of pages to the New York prosecutor investigating the Trump Organization.
The former president’s lawyer has asked the judge to suspend the penalty while the appeal is pending. New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, suspects that the Trump Organization fraudulently overstated the value of real estate properties when applying for bank loans and understated them to the IRS to pay less tax.

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