Back to square one: the crazy escape of an extremely dangerous detainee in the United States continues, the fugitives’ car found

Steph Deschamps / May 7, 2022

Vicky White, a model prison officer, helped a multi-offender felon, Casey White — the two are not related — escape from Alabama prison last Friday where he was serving a 75-year sentence and also awaiting trial for murder.
The romance on the run has Americans enthralled, as revelations are made day after day.
The rust-colored SUV the pair fled in was identified not far from Nashville, in neighboring Tennessee, about a two-hour drive from the jail, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Friday at a news conference. The vehicle had actually been discovered abandoned on the day of the escape last Friday and towed away without the impound officer realizing it was the wanted car. It was necessary to wait Thursday evening so that it is identified.
We’re kind of back to square one, the sheriff said, explaining that he did not know by what means Vicky White and Casey White had continued their escape.
There was nothing in the car to guide the search, he also said, noting that there had been an attempt to repaint the vehicle. It was a very well thought-out plan, he said. We’re a little distraught.
The sheriff of Williamson County, where the SUV was discovered, had said earlier on Twitter that there was no sign that the two (wanted persons) are still in the area.
Investigators also learned that Vicky White, 56, who had sold her home in the weeks before the escape, had withdrawn about $90,000 in cash from several banks in the area, Sheriff Singleton confirmed.
The investigation revealed that she used an assumed name to purchase the SUV found Thursday, and she is likely to use that scheme again, warned Rick Singleton.
She may also have dyed her hair, the federal fugitive-tracking agency warned, releasing a montage showing her with dark hair.
Police also released new photos of inmate Casey White, including one showing a tattoo with ties to a white supremacist prison gang, depicting a Confederate flag, a symbol of the U.S. South’s slavery past.
The bounty offered by authorities for information leading to the arrest of the two fugitives has been increased to $25,000, the sheriff said.

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