New York women take to the streets to defend abortion rights challenged by the Supreme Court

Eva Deschamps / May 4, 2022

It was the very offensive Attorney General of the State of New York, the Democrat Letitia James, who sounded the general mobilization in front of thousands of women and men, rather young, gathered in force on a square in the south of Manhattan, which houses the federal court house.
The Supreme Court’s draft decision is a wake-up call and this is not the time to be silent (…) We need to get angry, she harangued, calling the defense of abortion rights one of the biggest fights we have to fight.
In the crowd, many young women held up signs with slogans such as my body, my choice, abortion is a human right or stop the war on women.
On Tuesday, Democratic Chairman Joe Biden launched a major political battle to defend abortion rights, an issue around which America has always been torn and which, following an explosive revelation about the Supreme Court’s intentions, is emerging as a major issue in the general election scheduled for November.
The day after the extraordinary leak of a draft decision of the high court, in which it dynamites the constitutional right to abortion guaranteed throughout the U.S. since 1973, the president called in a statement for voters to choose candidates who support the right to abortion in this mid-term election.
The Supreme Court confirmed the authenticity of this internal document, published by the media Politico, while stressing that it did not represent a final decision.
At the same time, the Republican governor of Oklahoma, in the southern United States, announced on Tuesday that he had signed a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, one of the most restrictive in the country.
I represent all four million Oklahomans who overwhelmingly want to protect the unborn, Kevin Stitt wrote on Twitter as he signed into law the text passed by the state legislature on Thursday.
I want Oklahoma to become the most pro-life state in the country, he said, using the phrase coined by Americans opposed to abortion. The bill provides for medical exceptions for access to abortion, but not in cases of rape or incest.
This conservative state had been welcoming thousands of Texan women seeking abortions for several months, after the passage of a similar law in the neighboring state.
As of September 2021, Texas has already implemented a law prohibiting all abortions from the time an embryo’s heartbeat is noticeable on ultrasound, about four weeks after fertilization.
The legality of similar laws in other states has been under review by the Supreme Court for several months.
But Monday night‘s publication by Politico of a draft Supreme Court decision on the matter indicates that the federal institution is on the verge of handing over to the states the power to authorize, or not, abortions, nearly 50 years after making them legal throughout the country.

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