A new drama narrowly avoided in the United States: a woman shoots a man who wanted to commit an attack

Steph Deschamps / May 29, 2022

Already hit this week by the terrible death toll at Uvalde Elementary School, the United States avoided a new tragedy in Charleston, West Virginia on Wednesday.
As reported by the daily Het Laatste Nieuws, a man was shot and killed Wednesday in Charleston after opening fire on about 40 people celebrating a birthday party. According to the local police department, there were no injuries.
Shortly before the shooting, Dennis Buttler (37), the man who was shot, had been seen driving in the neighborhood and had even been ordered to slow down while children were playing in the street. Shortly thereafter, the man reappeared with a semi-automatic weapon near a house where about 40 people were celebrating a birthday.
Known to the police, the man then began to open fire. A woman in the crowd reacted and shot the man, who died at the scene. According to police, the woman was the legal owner of the gun. Therefore, no charges will be filed against her. Instead of running from danger, she did not back down from the threat and saved several lives, said local police chief Tony Hazelett.
On Tuesday, a dramatic shooting at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas claimed the lives of 21 people, including 19 children. This dramatic event has reignited tensions in the country over gun ownership.

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