War in Ukraine: at least 17 dead in new shelling on Zaporizhia

Steph Deschamps / October 8, 2022


At least 17 people were killed Sunday in shelling on the city of Zaporizhia (southern Ukraine), three days after previous strikes that killed 17 people, said official sources.


After a nighttime missile attack on Zaporizhia (…), 17 people died,” according to an initial assessment, Anatoliy Kurtev, secretary of the city council, said on his Telegram account.


The strikes hit houses and multi-story apartment buildings, he said.


On Thursday, the city had already been targeted by seven missiles in the early morning, killing 17 people.


Sunday’s strikes come a day after a huge explosion, attributed by Moscow to a truck bomb, on the Crimean Bridge, a key and symbolic infrastructure linking Russia to the peninsula annexed in 2014 at the expense of Ukraine.

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